Our COVID-19 offer

We understand that due to the COVID-19 pandemic your services are going to come under great strain. Relaymed is a partner application that can help you be more efficient, which would be of great benefit right now. And crucially at this time of limited resource, setup is fast and easy.

If you hit Request Information and submit the contact form through the Application Store today, we'll waive all of our subscription fees through April, May and June. This will let you utilize Relaymed, for FREE, during this challenging period.

Play: Relaymed for Allscripts Professional EHR

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What is Relaymed?
Start your test. Walk away. Relaymed instantly transmits test results from your in-house lab devices to the patient chart in Allscripts Professional and TouchWorks EHRs. There’s no human intermediary or data entry needed, so there’s no opportunity for human error to sneak in: what you see in the chart is exactly what the device reported. And by eliminating the manual work of transcribing results from a printout to the EHR, you save time, relieve stress, and free up your staff for more valuable tasks.

Save time and travel with the ability to access all your point-of-care testing data securely from any internet browser through the Relaymed portal. Relaymed has all the tools and keeps a library of all the data you need to stay compliant with CLIA regulations, without the cost of a laboratory information system.

How we do this
Relaymed uses sophisticated modern technology and interfaces to move patient data seamlessly and securely, so you can see results in real time. Relaymed has made connectivity accessible to all of outpatient care, whether a single physician office or a network of thousands. We accomplish this through utilizing the agility of a cloud based solution making it simple to implement and an affordable service available via monthly subscription.

Why our customers chose Relaymed

  1. Workflow efficiency
    With every minute counting for effective patient throughput, our customers wanted to see a significant time decrease per lab test from start to finish. With results now flowing automatically and seamlessly into the patient chart, their workflow has been greatly accelerated and stress eliminated.
  2. Ease of setup
    Our solution was attractive to customers as it’s lightweight. It’s simple and easy to setup and not a big IT project. Our customers could rapidly implement and rollout throughout their organization. Training of staff was also simple who are left to rave about how much easier it is now.
  3. Affordable
    Finally, connectivity is affordable. With no long contracts or huge upfront fees, our customers could sign up on a monthly subscription just like Netflix. Further device connections could also be added with no additional cost to worry about.

Our point-of-care device ecosystem
Relaymed is vendor agnostic. We connect with all the leading point-of-care device vendors. You do not need to buy new devices, as we will connect the devices you already have. Our ecosystem is always growing and we have an extensive list of compatible CLIA waived and nonwaived (moderately complex) devices.

Get started with Relaymed
If you’re not connecting your lab devices with Relaymed, you’re wasting time and giving the opportunity for human error to sneak in. Join the thousands of providers across the country who already have.

This really is the simplest setup and solution in healthcare IT, so you can just try it. You can even pilot at a single location and roll out from there. There’s no other connectivity solution you can say that about!

Just hit Request Information here on the Application Store today, submit the form with a few details and we’ll reach out to you quickly to schedule an inside look at how Relaymed can deliver point-of-care connectivity.

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